Product Development – Stiletto X Series

Product Development – Stiletto X Series

Stiletto Manufacturing

Founder and CEO of Stiletto Manufacturing. Created 3 versions of a modern 33′ Catamaran Design called the Stiletto X Series. Notable for high performance composite construction, using fiberglass and carbon prepreg over corecell and knomex cores thermoset on high temperature molds under 30mb pressure at 220F.

Boat Building

  • Design and Creation of High Temp Carbon Hull Molds
  • Design and Creation of Low Temperature Infusion Mold Fabrication
  • Carbon and Eglass Prepreg Hull Production
  • Single Stage Prepreg Hull Construction of Aerospace Comparable Parts
  • Prepreg, Infusion and Hand Layed Small Part Molds and Parts
  • Spar and Rig Design and execution
  • Finish Paint Prep and Spray with Awlgrip and AlexSeal Products
  • Rigging and Commissioning Hulls
  • Teaching Advanced Composite Tech to new Staff

Business Management

  • Concept to Reality – Interview and Selection of most suitable Naval Architect.
  • Development of the Design Brief
  • Acquisition of Waterfront Production and Headquarters Property
  • Build Offices, Deep Freezer for Laminates, Oven for Prepreg Vacuum Bagging
  • Negotiate Zoning Changes to suit boat building/production
  • OSHA Regulation Training and Compliance
  • Successfully secured Albemarle Commission Small Business Loan $50,000
  • Successfully secured Building Reuse Grant of $100,000
  • Capitalize Company with Personal Funds of $200,000
  • Secure Friends and Family Angel Funding of $400,000
  • Lead successful VC Fundraising Round A for $12.5 M
  • Management of Company Production, Admin, and Marketing Staff of 30
  • Business Plan Creation and Revisions for Round A Financing
  • Managing a 9 person active Board of Directors
  • Manage Outsourcing of Spars, Sails, Custom Alloy Fabrications, Canvas, and Trailers
  • Constant review of production efficiency and design revisions to increase productivity.

On the Water

  • Sea Trial and Safety Test new high performance Catamaran
  • Bring Sea Trial Feedback to design team for revisions and improvements
  • Numerous Customer Demonstrations
  • Refit and Refurbish Hull #1 Prototype
  • Sail Prototype to Annapolis Boat Show and Sea trial test for Boat of the Year Awards with SAIL, SAILING WORLD, CRUISING WORLD magazines.

Stiletto Manufacturing Inc. was forced into CH 11 Reorganization due to the Round A Venture Capital Company, Capital Nexus, defaulting on the terms of its agreement. This raise was for scaling production to meet demand which is a very difficult stage of growth for any production company. CEO, Jay Philips, secured alternate funding to complete hulls, but for the predatory legal maneuvers by Capital Nexus, the Company would likely still be in business. Phillips Boatworks is currently developing a new design that takes full advantage of the lessons learned producing the Stiletto X. The pH 850 promises to be higher performing, lighter and less expensive improvement to the Stiletto X which is currently still stuck in legal system.