Hatteras Island Youth Sailing

Youth Sailing

Sailing is an amazing sport that can be enjoyed for the entirety of ones life.  It is one of the few outdoor activities that has really no negative environmental impact.  The skills and knowledge learned and practiced constantly challenge and improve our physical and mental capability.  Youth Sailing enables and encourages self esteem and and self confidence.  Juniors are the captains of their own boats, quickly learning how to safely enjoy being on the water. Sailing competition fosters character, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity, independence, and intimate knowledge of navigation rules and regulations.  Unlike many sports there are numerous life long professional occupations with sailing deep in their roots, such as: instructors, captains, college coaching, engineering, naval architecture, sail design and construction, professional competition,  charter cuisine, writing, marketing, and more.  Most of our Olympic Sailing Champions started in Community Sailing Programs just like the one we are launching.  Hatteras Island is steeped with Sailing Heritage and Lore and has all the natural resources needed to be a place that breeds the best.  Just look at places like Annapolis, where there is barely any wind all summer long, murky water and barely any beaches. We are surrounded by wind and water.  Lets take advantage of it!

Volunteer & Help Out

Check here for opportunities to sign up to support our Hatteras Island Youth Sailors. We would like to ask volunteers for two specific things right now for each practice we’ve scheduled: SNACKS: If a parent could bring water bottles and one healthy, not messy snack for each practice that would be really helpful. We will […]