Our Family’s Cape Hatteras Inlet Sunset Sail Adventure

Our Family’s Cape Hatteras Inlet Sunset Sail Adventure

Cape Hatteras: Sailing To The Inlet

When You Have A Whole Day To Sail

Our family hardly ever gets an entire summer day to sail on our charter boats, but the 4th of July is normally one of those days that we set aside for family time. This year was very special. We sailed our Stiletto-27 south from Buxton harbor to the Cape Hatteras Inlet where the ocean waters meet the sound. The waters are crystal clear and the color is tropical blue.

Spending A Day At The Hatteras Inlet

Bunny Island: Paddle, Paddle, Paddle, and Swim

Sandbar Islands form at the inlet creating a small and shallow bay where the kids play. We bring our kayaks, fishing rods, surf boards, and paddleboards. Each of use decides we never want to leave. My 3yr old daughter names the island “Bunny Island”, and I wonder if that name will stick?

The kids paddle around in their kayaks, and quickly a new game emerges. The gameplay is like king of the mountain, but really just who can tip over my boat. Somehow pirates are involved in the game drama. My husband and I lounge in the cool, clean water watching in silence. Sometimes, no words are needed. The love within our family is overwhelming, and we are surrounded by two or three other families all in the same state of joy. In family life, these are those moments that make the hard work of family life worthwhile.

A Perfect Natural Spring Board

Only at Hatteras Inlet – the boat is pulled up on the beach and secured into the sand with an anchor. Even with the bows grounded in the sandy beach, the stern is in water deep enough for diving. The kids jump, swim around, repeat…for hours.

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Sunset Sail Home

The day’s grand finale is a fantastic sunset as we sail towards home in perfectly fair winds and following seas. Dolphin swim along beside our sailboat, and the Hatteras to Ocracoke Ferry boats circle us in both directions. Everyone is quiet, happy, and serene. As I watch the intense colors reflecting off the smiling faces of our children, I know God is a good God. He loves us and this sunset was painted just for me. We decide to leave the boat on anchor and do the whole thing again the next day.

We found treasure at Hatteras Inlet. It shines brighter than gold ever could, and our kids will carry this treasure of memories with them long after we are gone.

Reserve your family’s Cape Hatteras Sunset Sail

Choose from 2hr, 4hr, and 8hr sunset sails. Which is best for your group?

  • 2hr sunset sails are a great choice for couples and friends. A 2r sunset sail is a perfect thing to do before or after dinner after a perfect day lounging and playing at the beach.
  • 4hr sunset sails are a good choice for a family with children. Less time to adventure than an 8hr sail, but plenty of time to explore the clam shoals and find a sandbar beach on Pamlico Sound before your sunset sail back to the harbor.
  • 8hr Sail includes the sunset sail and the ultimate inlet adventure with enough time for you to hit all our favorite spots, shell, clam, explore, paddle, and kayak. All the gear we can bring with us for the most fun and best memories.

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