Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gratuity included in my charter fee?

Gratuity is not included in your charter fee. Customary gratuity is 15%.

Can I bring more than 6 total guests?

Sorry, we can only accommodate groups of 6. We hope to add additional boats, so please check back next season and look into our Flotilla options.

When should I arrive at the dock?

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your charter begins. You will find the start time of your charter on your receipt.

Can Children come on the boat?

Of course. We love Kids, and have 3 of our own. Please bring your own lifejackets for children. Safety is so important to little ones, and according to the US Coast Guard regulations they are required to wear a life jacket at all times on the boat. The life vest should be comfortable enough that they will wear it and fit them appropriately.

Can I bring a cooler and drinks?

Please bring water and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but your captain reserves the right to stop serving if a guest becomes a danger or annoyance to the other guests.

Please do not bring a cooler. We have a cooler and ice is provided. Whether you are an adult or a child, it is a good idea to bring along a lidded cup to prevent messy spills.

If you are on a private charter, you may bring food of whatever sort you like. If you are on a shared charter feel free to bring “neat” snacks.

What do I need to bring with me on my charter?

  • Dress in layers for morning and evening charters. Early mornings and evenings can be chilly with the breeze particularly if you are wet from swimming.
  • Sunblock and a hat are essential even on cloudy days
  • Camera, phone, waterproof protection for your devices
  • Please wear boat safe shoes or plan to stay barefoot. You may not wear street shoes on the boat.
  • If you are susceptible to seasickness, plan to take motion sickness medication before your trip.