Sailing Update 10-24-2020

Activity Description

Weather looks great for some extended time on the water.  I want to split the day up into 3 tiers.   

My hope is to tow the kids out on their optis tomorrow into the open sound.  Wind is predicted to be about 5 – 7 knots North switching to 7 knots from the South later in the day..  They can play in the water and practice righting boats if the wind stops completely.  Warm weather, cool water. Wetsuits recommended, but we can light a beach bonfire to huddle the chilly ones around if they get cold.

Thats the plan.  Hope to see you all there tomorrow.  Please contact me if you are willing to help with logistics, boats, campfire, and general all round helping hands…  


Have chosen to use only one phone number for all teams. Please text 252-999-9659 to be included into the SMS updates for. This is the number for every age group. If you are new or were signed up to a different phone number last season, please text this number so that we can keep the communication channel as seamless as possible.


9:00 am Setup

Setup and maintenance time on the boats.  Volunteers needed and welcomed.

11:30 am Beginners

Any newcomers, early elementary such as Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Beginners.  For all those who need to learn the basics of sailing out and back, trimming in for upwind, basic tacking and generally getting use to the boats and sailing alone in a boat.  

2:00 pm Sailors

Teens and older larger kids. 

The Teen Group will still be at 2 pm at the marina on 40181 Bonito Road in Avon.

Great news we have in hand a college/high school team boat know as the Flying Junior.  It is often used instead of the 420 in local club programs and is great for bigger kids.  We need volunteers during the week to get it ready for next weekend.  Lots of sanding.  We also have a Hobie 18 that will be great for bigger kids needing help to refurbish.  Money for parts, rigging, supplies as well as sweat labor are needed badly!  Meanwhile you all will be scrunched into the Optis tomorrow.

4:00 pm Racers

Sailors ready for race training

Kids who were involved for the Fall Session and have some good basic understanding of the boats and would like to be pushed to the next level.  We will setup some marks out in the sound and practice course roundings with some breaks for special technique training.


Note.  We have a Sponsorship Flyer coming together. We need help finalizing the Gold, Silver, Bronze benefits definitions and then need to get on finding sponsors please.  We need at least $1500 more to dress up the old optis so they have tiller extensions, uniform rigging, new sails and that we return them in really nice condition at the end of the Spring Session.  We also need our own boats and need to raise money for this or business sponsors who will buy boats.  This is great stuff for our kids, whether they know it or not, it will carry through their entire life as one of their best memories ever. Who knows maybe some will make it to College Varsity, Americas Cup and Olympics and go on to be top worldwide paid professional sailors!!!!  This is exactly where we plant the seeds.

Edgecamp Sporting Club

features SailStiletto’s Stiletto 27 in Promotional Video

Very honored to be on site and sailing for the promotional video filming at Edgecamp Sporting Club this October! Great group of YPO Guests from all over the World visited to enjoy great accomodations, cuisine, kiteboarding and sailing for this fun packed week in Waves, at the new Edgecamp Sporting Club!

SailStiletto will be sailing and offering Captained Sailing Tours in the form of Sunset Sails, Half Day and Full Day Charters for as long as the Fall weather permits.. hopefully into December! Book your sailing trip now!

Winter Youth Sailing Registration

New! Club Membership

Club Membership

Be a Founding Member of Hatteras Community Sailing!   The new Board of Directors met on Thursday 10/08/2020 and is on task working to raise funds so Hatteras Community Sailing can be a sustainable year round program.  The first emphasis was on membership. The Board set the initial membership fee for local island families at $100 per year.  Supporting members will benefit by getting reduced registration fees, unlimited boat use, reduced private instruction fees, plus much more.

Winter Youth Sailing

By popular demand we are going to run an off-season, winter semester of sailing! For elementary through middle school age youth we will now be organizing the 8 person teams by achievement level.  Oct 17, 11am we will hold an assessment day where the registered youth will run through some written and on the water assessment exercises to determine the level class they should be a part of . 

Join & register

Winter Program Details

Winter Session has to be an intentional blend of on the water sailing experience with a specific bad weather events plan that can be used in place of sailing when the weather is not cooperating.  The following is the proposed Winter Schedule.  

Winter Apparel Necessary for In the Water Programming

All Sailors are required to have wet/dry suit bottoms and dry spray top jackets and a lifevest that fits them correctly.  Boots and gloves are also highly recommended.  They will get wet when in the water sailing and must have weather appropriate clothing.

Teams & Skill Checks

Winter Sailing is not going to be divided up by age.  In order to better serve the kids, we are going to divide classes into skill levels.  There will be a multiple choice knowledge questionnaire and an objective on the water evaluation of skills such as setting up the boat, launching the boat, sailing upwind, sailing down wind, tacking, jibing, and landing the boat.  How the children get through this checklist will determine which skill level class they sit in on.  There is limit of 8 boats per level and this is on a first come first serve basis.  Members can use the boats any time to polish up on skills… this is highly recommended.

Bad Weather Activity Plan (Classroom options)

  • Racing Seminars for Kids – Topics include Multimedia presentations of various elementary racing knowledge topics like – upwind sailing, starting, tack/gibing, rules and sportsmanship, downwind sailing.
  • Boat Building – Building a wood and epoxy Opti in the shop.  Materials fee is additional $400 per boat
  • How Sails are Designed and Made – Use of Open Source Sail Design Software, Measuring and Cutting Techniques, Seam Tape, Edge Treatments, Bench Work, Graaphics Application
  • Marlin Spike Seamanship – Nautical Cordage, special applications, unique knots with purpose, dock line and fender management
  • Basic Navigation – Channels, Water Depth, Rules of the Road…
  • Sailing and Safety – PFD’s, Emergency Plans and Procedures, CPR / First Aid Training Course.

Tentative Schedule

  1. Oct 17 – Skill and Knowledge Evaluation/assessment Day
  2. Oct 24 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  3. Oct 31 – Halloween Break
  4. Nov 7 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  5. Nov 14 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  6. Nov 21 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  7. Nov 28 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  8. Dec 5 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  9. Dec 12  – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  10. Dec 19 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  11. Dec 26 – Christmas Break
  12. Jan 2 – Christmas Break
  13. Jan 9 – Sailing Classes Tentatively 9 am, 1130 am, 2 pm
  14. Jan 16 – Awards Ceremony

Seminars as Fundraisers

We will announce the dates of these Seminars and open them to the Public with a space limit.  There will be registration fees to attend, which will go to the sailing organization.

Custom Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets

The quality of nautical craftsmanship comes home

custom kitchen cabinetry | Tables | Hardwood & Fiberglass Decks | yacht interiors

Jay Phillips, of Phillips Boatworks, has been refinishing teak decks and rails on beautiful yachts for decades. Since, he has been captain, project manager and builder of custom yacht projects and interior refits.

“The level of detail and exactness required for a yacht interior is our standard of practice. In a home or church setting, that attention to detail really shines through”, says Mr. Phillips. Sourcing exotic hardwoods, Phillips Boatworks can develop from your design direction, 3D render or hand sketch, and build the hardwood project of your dreams.

Handmade Alter Table

“We really were not sure what to expect from a yacht builder, but the custom handmade hardwood alter table Mr. Phillips built for our church is fantastic. He truly understood what we wanted and executed that vision expertly.”

— Bonnie Williams, St. John Methodist Church, Avon, NC

Hardwood Farm Table

“Our small kitchen felt large and worked fantastically for entertaining. My vision of a bar height Sapele farm table that double functioned as a bar really executed just as I hoped. Excellent understanding of my goal. It turned out even better than I had hoped”

— Margaret Smith, Fort Myers Florida

High School Sailing

Since we have very shallow water, the Olympic Class Nacra Catamaran is the right boat. Not cheap, but an exciting boat to sail on and keep their interest. Also the 420 is the standard monohull trainer for High School and College Sailing Teams. A High School Student who has racing training and experience on both of these has a really good chance of making a College Varsity Sailing Team like St. Mary’s, Naval Academy

Waitlist for grades 6-12

    Volunteer & Help Out

    Check here for opportunities to sign up to support our Hatteras Island Youth Sailors. We would like to ask volunteers for two specific things right now for each practice we’ve scheduled:

    • SNACKS: If a parent could bring water bottles and one healthy, not messy snack for each practice that would be really helpful. We will have a cooler of ice on board.
    • RIDE- ALONG: We would like to invite one parent or guardian to volunteer to ride along for practice to help Coach Jay keep the sailors focused and behaving safely on board.

    Current Sign-up Sheets

    No sheets currently available at this time.

    Introduction & Safety


    The objective of this 6 week program is to introduce juniors to sailing in a fun and safe controlled environment. In general we will use what current boats and assets are available, which include: 27′ Catamaran, 18 Hobie Cat, and some smaller boats private boats lent to us by their owners. The program is scheduled for 6 weeks Saturday mornings because it is a time when many parents are working to turn over Rental Properties and may need an activity for their children.

    Anyone who can not afford the $35 fee should contact me directly, as we do not want to exclude anyone for economic hardship reasons. There is only room for 6 and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. If there is more demand, additional practices may be possible. In the case of inclement or unsafe weather, we will meet at my boat shop in Avon.

    COVID 19 Mitigation

    Because there is a Pandemic we will do our best to keep the children properly distanced. Being an outdoor activity and in the water sometimes, we feel that the risk is very low for transmission of the virus. All parents will need to sign paperwork attesting to their intention to keep any sick kids home from practices and to notify us immediately if there are any signs of illness of any kind. Masks are optional, but common sense would dictate that they do not work so well when in the water. If any children act in an unsafe manner they will unfortunately not be able to continue in the program.

    Safety and Safe Behavior on a Boat

    • Wearing a Lifevest or PFD. What are the different types of PFDs
    • Rough Play and Wild Behavior is not permitted and is unsafe on the boat
    • Communicating so you can be heard – and acknowledging you understand
    • Safe and Unsafe places to sit on the boat. Windward and Leeward. Port and Starboard

    Avon Boat Tours

    Avon Boat Tours show off Hatteras from a fresh angle

    Lot’s of people come to Hatteras to get away and enjoy the sand, surf, and sea. There’s no better way to do that than taking a boat tour from Avon on a charter with SailStiletto boat tour.

    What to Expect

    The boat tour options in Avon with SailStiletto range from 2.5 hr sunset sail to a whole day sail which is 8 hours out on the water. The most popular choice for Outer Banks tourists staying in Avon turns out to be the half day sunset sail. It’s a nice balance between afternoon adventure and relaxing sunset. Wear out your crew sailing out to a shallow sandbar for clamming, swimming, and floating around. Bring snacks and drinks for the sail back towards Avon and enjoy an amazing sunset sail to finish out your boat tour.

    Typically SailStiletto will meet your group either at Canadian hole within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore or from the Avon Harbor right in Avon Village depending on the wind speed and direction. Occasionally, it makes sense to sail from Frisco, so be sure to check with Jay on the day of your charter and just double check where to meet the boat. Jay is very familiar with the conditions and can usually pick a great spot to enjoy the best sailing Hatteras has to offer.

    Guest Testimonials

    5 Star Review: Once in a lifetime experience. The search for your ultimate OBX vacation activity starts here. Captain J took my whole family out for a sunset cruise (5yr old and 7yr old). He provided us with not only stunning views of the July sunsets but an evening filled with memories and laughter. You want be sorry for placing this on your things to do list. Thx again Captain J for making my children a forever memory.

    Terry Lambert, July 12 2020

    Captain Jay is experienced and courteous, and he went out of his way to meet our group at the location what was best for our trip considering the wind and weather. We’ve decided we just have to make this an annual event. Our fourth of July has never been better. We pulled up on a sandbar, and we all jumped in. It was a lovely sail out and we enjoyed an amazing sunset light show just as we pulled up to the beach at the end of our charter. Truly a unique adventure, and one that you don’t want to miss.

    — Phillips Family, July 4th 2020

    Monday 11-23-2020

    fetching availabilty of Whole Day

    fetching availabilty of Morning Half Day

    fetching availabilty of Afternoon Half Day

    fetching availabilty of Sunset Half Day

    fetching availabilty of Sunset Sail

    Coming Soon – pH 850 Catamaran

    Phillips Boatworks is thrilled to introduce the pH 850 Catamaran. Measuring 8.5 meters (28 ft) on the waterline by 5.2 meters (17 ft) wide, the pH 850 is a light and powerful recreational performer. Filling a gap between the extreme high performance grand prix and the heavier low performance production boats, the pH 850 features a unique de-mountable hard aft cockpit and just enough interior space for 38″ Twin Births, Head, and Galley. The flexibility of the design is key. It can be a winner on the race course; the venue for countless family sailing adventures; and/or even used as successful day sail charter business. With an unloaded weight of 1200 lbs, its carbon fiber pre-preg hull construction sets the pH 850 apart from all other production multi-hulls. There is nothing on the market as light, fast, fun and easily trailerable!


    • LWL – 28 feet
    • LOA – 30 feet
    • Beam Over All – 17 feet
    • Hull Beam – 39 inches
    • Waterline Ratio – 12:1
    • Mast Clearance – 48 feet
    • Draft Boards Up – 8″ Boards Down 5′
    • Mainsail Area – 302 sqft Solent 128 sqft = 430 sqft working sail area
    • Designed Lightship Weight – 1200 lbs
    • Trailer Width – 8.5′

    Innovative and Simple. The pH 850 breaks down in a few hours to trailer behind any average car at 8.5′ wide. While the interior is sparse in order to reduce weight, it is useful for light cruising and camping adventure, featuring twin births in each hull with head and galley options. The ultra-lightweight carbon twill canopy covers slide forward to create standing room in the hulls between the twin birth and chart table. When shut and locked, the canopies are water tight. When paired with a mast head float, the vessel has the potential to be righted by loosening the high side stays.

    Easy to sail and designed for exciting times on the water. Optional transom steps with a water level swim platform and fresh water washdown make the pH 850 very friendly for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. Rudders for recreational sailing kick-up automatically as they touch bottom still or optional high aspect racing rudders for those more competitive intent. The hard aft center cockpit features a comfortable seat height of 12 inches before any cushions are added. In the center front of the cockpit is a multipurpose control console (plinth) that consolidates most of the rigging controls for single handed sailing. All lines are fed to the 2 primary 2 speed 40:1 self tailing winches; plus an underside nacelle for floor stiffness and the outboard engine, which also help reduce bridge deck wave pounding. In front of the rotating mast is a spacious and comfortable trampoline. Nothing beats a catamaran for its trampoline net forward space (high, dry, level, and spacious): ultimate chill and relaxation; sail storage; weight savings; reduced wind and wave resistance, and more.

    Hull shape that looks good and makes sense. Starting with a fast and narrow 12:1 waterline ratio this shallow 8 inch draft hull rises first to a splash chine that serves multiple purposes. In addition to looking good, it widens the interior just enough for twin births. The splash chine helps insure a dryer ride. Also a safety feature — when pressing the boat really hard, as the hull submerges, buoyancy is increased as the chine submerges. Structurally, the chine is a longitudinal hull stiffener akin to 4 I-beams running the length of the hulls. From the Splash Chine the topsides rise up to the hull/deck chines which research shows to reduce windage on the side of the hulls. Under the canopy openings and merged into the cockpit the deck features a flush raised plateau helping to make the interface between removable cockpit and hull sides a simple flat face connection.

    No Beams! – For the most part the cross beams are eliminated making the trailer and decommissioning process even more simple. When collapsed on the trailer, the inner hull flanges mate together for hull stability on the trailer while the cockpit is hoisted up and out of the way, without removing any of its components or systems.

    Sailing Horsepower – The combination of the best strength:weight ratio carbon hull construction, a 45 foot carbon rig and ample sail area above the water, asymmetrical curved daggerboards and high aspect cassette rudders (as an option) this is an extremely fast and competitive multihull. The curved daggerboards in each hull generate enormous upward and windward lifting force also increasing the righting moment, the pH 850 will not only go fast, but also point extremely well upwind. The wave piercing bows and wide underwater transom section, this is a hull that will ride very smoothly though even the most aggravating choppy sea conditions. When there is no wind, the aux propulsion is stowed underneath the hard cockpit inside a nacelle shape that deflects wave chop from slapping the bridge deck, as well as very effective stiffener for the cockpit sole.

    pH 850 – Versatility like no other catamaran or trimaran! Sailing/Camping adventures, regatta trophy winner, intimate charter day sailor and demountable and trailerable to destinations that are begging to be explored. The pH 850 is a great investment in fun for family and friends…. or you can make it a business and find a fun spot to offer Captained Daysail Charters.

    On a personal note, my family is passionate about this design because it is exactly what we like best about sailing. In addition to sailing fast, which is always more fun, from our youngest 1 year old baby girl, who is much safer in the hard aft cockpit, to our adventurous 6 and 10 year old boys who love surfing, swimming and other watersports. We frequently keep our boats on a shallow water mooring where it only takes a few minutes to hoist the mainsail, release the mooring line and be off sailing. If you like sailing more often, this is a boat that is so convenient and simple to get underway, that squeezing in some daily sailing before or after work becomes the norm. To us, this is what its all about: keeping it close to home and accessible so we can be on the water more often.