Custom Boat Building

Custom Boat Building

Custom boat building on Hatteras Island

Founder of Phillips Boatworks, Jay Phillips, has been involved in new boat builds for near 40 years. He made his first small wooden boat at age 14. Same year he started earning money working at the local boat yard, repairing and refitting all types of yachts. His first big project was a 65 ft Fishing Trawler. Later he fell in love with light weight composite multihulls, and started greatly improving his composites experience learning advanced vacuum bagging techniques as well and alongside quality woodwork and yacht joinery. He started his own production company in 2014 and developed the new Stiletto X Series of Prepreg Honeycomb performance trailerable catamarans. Currently he is starting a next generation of the Stiletto X, but slightly smaller 28 foot pH-850 Catamaran made from foam core and prepreg, for strength and weight standards normally reserved for Americas Cup quality construction. Phillips has mastered hull and part design using Rhino3d CAD Systems. If you have a boat you want designed and built. Jay can bring together the talent and team to make it happen. With all his designs, he reaches out to past team members, composite engineers, and naval architect with specialty engineering areas to make sure there is no guesswork involved and no money wasted. When Jay gets involved with your new yacht build project, you get a team effort!

Boat Building Projects

  • J24 Refinishing
    The Owner of the older J24 in Colington Harbor NC came to us to help him refurbish his boat. As with any older boat with limited value there is a big problem investing lots of money into it when the the improvements cost in today’s labor and materials market overshadow the potential resale value of […]
  • Sabre 42 Refinishing
    Winter 2023-24 we decided to refurbish and refinish this Sabre 42 Classic. The hull had been paint patched for over a decade and the luster on the old Awlgrip finish was no longer able to be kept up. The project started in early winter of 2023 in Beaufort NC at Bock Marine Boatyard, where we […]
  • Sea Ox Repower, Transom Rebuild, Floor Rebuild
    Repowering? Is your Hull Up to it??? Lets face it. Powerboat construction techniques have not always been the best. Maybe they do this so you will want your next boat sooner, maybe just to cut costs. It doesnt matter why, but its likely to need correction before your engine falls off the back of the […]
  • pH Series – Trailerable High Performance Catamarans
    pH Catamarans from Phillips Boatworks are the culmination of decades of multihull sailing, charter operations, sailmaking, rigging and boatbuilding experience. The pH Series Suite of hull designs feature common themes of being extremely lightweight and durable; easily trailered and road legal; and finally very agile and easily managable high performance. In essence, all of our […]

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