Yacht Refit

Yacht Refit

Yacht Refurbishment Services

Does your sailboat, motoryacht, or powerboat need maintenance attention or possibly a complete refit? Located on Hatteras Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks, where there is a tradition of boatbuilding for those who want to be shored up a few miles from where the Gulf Stream scrapes the closest point of land on the Eastern Seaboard, one refit and maintenance service truly stands out. Phillips Boatworks is owned by Capt. Jay Phillips, who has experience is all aspects of the pleasure and luxury yacht business. For big projects we have a team of designers, engineers, and boatbuilding experts that can ensure your project is handled meticulously.

Experience with big Boatbuilding Programs! Phillips Boatworks Team is well acquainted with big projects. Owner, Jay Phillips, has been a key player at the highest quality levels of yacht manufacturing. We have built boats that stand out far ahead of the crowd at events like the Annapolis Boat Show, in that they are engineered and constructed using the most advanced composite technology currently available. Use of Prepreg Systems, Resin Infusion, Vacuum Bag and Autoclaved parts are the norm for us because the boats we have designed and engineered must be the lightest and strongest in the marketplace. This trickles down to an outstanding level of quality on all levels of fiberglass and refinishing work, even if it requires hand laid fiber and resin. We have operated, transported and worked on yachts from 100′ in length and under. We have designed and engineered some of the lightest and fastest catamarans ever known.

Systems Engineering and Installations. While our experience with hull and superstructure is strong, so is our knowledge of how to integrate, install, repair, and maintain vital on board systems. From the diesel powerplant to the drivetrain, tankage, plumbing, bilge systems, electrical/electronics tech, and hvac systems, we have done it before a variety of yachts that we have owned, managed and maintained for others. Brands we like working with in particular include:

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