Carbon Canopy Covers for Stiletto 27


Canopy Covers for Stiletto 27 – Clear Coat Carbon Twill, non see through



Carbon Twill 200g Clear Coated Canopy Covers for the Stiletto 27.  Made from a female mold, resin infused and cored with 80g 3/8″ PVC foam core.  Carbon exterior laminate with eglass 1700 +-45 degree interior laminate.  Edges trimmed to fit my Stiletto 27 with a recess along the edge for the gasket where the 2 layers 9.  Inner and outer) combine into one layer with no core.  G10 blocks embedded where the hinge hoops are meant to be fastenned so that there is no need to bolt through the canopy cover.  While you can not see through these, they are attractive looking and much more durable.  If well cared for they should outlast the boat while remaining attractive the duration of their lifespan instead of UV degrading like the lexan/plexi covers.   Price is $450 per cover.  50% deposit required to produce.  Shipping not included. Balance due before shipping.