Buyer/Seller Consulting and Project Management


30 Years experience in all aspects of yacht construction, project management, sail design and rigging specification.  150,000 miles offshore bluewater experience is indespensible in understanding systems and brands that work in the Worlds harshest salt water environment.


Experience on the water and under and over the decks can save prospective buyers and sellers substantial money, time and effort.  If you are looking to buy a boat, whether is be new production, custom production, or pre-owned, you may want to consider more than just a survey, but rather a technical expert who can get into the details and cost estimates for modifications, repairs, and/or improvements.  Yachts can have countless hidden problems… many more issues than home and almost as important to your safety as aircraft!  Be confident with the vessel you plan to take out to sea.  We can point out any safety related issues, redundancy recommendations, systems improvements and evaluations to help reassure that you and your guests are on board a vessel with no suprises while at sea.