Sea Ox Repower, Transom Rebuild, Floor Rebuild

Sea Ox Repower, Transom Rebuild, Floor Rebuild

Repowering? Is your Hull Up to it???

Lets face it. Powerboat construction techniques have not always been the best. Maybe they do this so you will want your next boat sooner, maybe just to cut costs. It doesnt matter why, but its likely to need correction before your engine falls off the back of the boat someday!

Here is an example of a great hull shape design thats worth keeping, but under the skin is rotten to the core. If your boat is more than 5 years old and has any type of wood in the core, it has likely gotten water leaks into the wood that become trapped and turn to the wood to mush. This example is a Sea Ox Center Console from the late 1980’s

Getting it Right!

Many shops will tear out the old and put back the same thing, which is a shame. If the effort and cost are going to be put into repairing the problem the composites should be made of materials that will last. In this example this is what we replaced the old materials with

  • Resin – All Epoxy and Laminations mostly all Vacuum Bagged to eliminate voids and guarantee the best adhesion and resin content.
  • Core – Something that is dense, strong and not water permeable. In this case we used a sheet of COOSA Board topped with FIberglass plate under the engine mount and lighter weight PVC Corecell Closed Cell Foam core where there were not crushing forces to ever be applied.
  • Compression Tubing – When heavy bolts are going to be used to hold an engine or jack plate on the transom, the core materials will likely crush and delaminate unless a compression tube is laminated into the layup. Not just some solid resin, but something strong and durable like aluminum, stainless, or fiber plate tubing like G10 (Garolite). Now the bolts can never crack or crush, no matter how hard you torque them.
  • Proper Fairing and Finish Work! It needs to llo good as new when its finished!

Phillips Boatworks is the ONLY Hatteras Island Engine Dealership! The Boat Owner purchased a new Honda 200 HP Long Shaft Engine for his boat with a 5 inch hydraulic Jack Plate. This is not cheap of course, but the Honda 5 Year Warranty is nice and the reputation for the Honda Engine is rock solid and why you see it on police and coast guard vessels, as well as many commercial fishing and charter vessels! Phillips Boatworks will always offer a reasonable retail discount on a new Honda Marine Engine !

Installation and Rigging Replacement. Every new engine needs new rigging –throttle, shift, key, harness, gauges, and related cables. These are additional cost to the engine as well as the removal of the old and installation of the new.

Financing Available through Phillips Boatworks partnership with Sheffield Financial. If you need to spread the cost out a bit, we offer financing to any customer with sufficient credit for an approval from Sheffield Financial. There are rate Specials from time to time. If you would like to be kept up to date on special financing rate offers, please sign up for our mailing list.

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