From Concept to Execution - 30+ Years Experience in Prepreg, Infusion, and Traditional Boat Building

Boat Building

Excellent boat building is tempered in the depth of yachting experience of the builder.  Only after experiencing the most challenging offshore circumstances can a boat builder understand the importance of maintaining conscientious and meticulous standards, not just for enjoyment, but for the safety of ones co-workers, family and friends.

For over 30 years, Jay Phillips, leaves long and happy list of thousands of charter customers, sailing students, junior sailors, and private yacht owners.  Countless yacht refits, yacht management projects, and new construction plus several years as a sail maker under North Sails and Quantum, combine a consummate understanding of how to make a boat perform safely and satisfactory for its intended purpose.

Building boats strong and light with high performance prepreg composites or something traditional, heavy and bulletproof with beautiful hardwoods, Phillips Boatworks has the kind of in depth experience that may cost more upfront but reveals exponential savings in the long term.

What is your next boating dream?  Feel free to reach out if you would like to make it a reality.