Project Manager, Rigging Manager and Team Leader

Rigging Manager – Gunboat 55(001-008)

Rigging Manager/Team Leader

Started on the Rigging Team and was promoted to Rigging Manager/Project Manager. Served as Rigging Manager on the construction of the Gunboat 55 line. Managed a staff of 4 Riggers, specifying, designing, building and installing all phases of the rigging for hulls 1 – 4 and structural preparations for rigging on hulls 5 – 8. Sea trials testing and correction of any rigging problems that arose out of sea trial tests before handing over to new owners.

  • Structural Composite Installations for Rigging Hardware
  • Custom Carbon Fabrications – Sheave Boxes, Line Tubes, etc.
  • Spectra Trampoline Installations
  • Spar Preparation, Lines, Electrical, Electronics
  • Step Rigs for 6 Gunboats. Some multiple times
  • Custom Alloy Rigging Solutions – Created design for complex highly loaded Mast Step Sheave Box Assembly.
  • Plinth Rigging and Installation
  • Steering Installations
  • Recessed Anchor Rode and Windlass Installations
  • Frequent trips up the Rigs in Bolson’s Chair
  • Sea Trial and Performance Evaluations
  • Sail and Canvas Installations
  • Rudder and Daggerboard System Installations
  • Management of Rigging Inventory for 6 simultaneous hulls
  • Specification and Ordering of all Rigging Fastenners
  • Installation of all Deck Rigging – Travelers, Davits, Recessed Sheave Boxes, Deck Non Skid, Winches, etc.