Learn to sail

Learn to sail

Have you always wanted to learn to sail?

Phillips Boatworks adds two Hobie 18 catamarans to charter fleet for adult sail training and bareboat sailing.

Phillips Boatworks has added two Hobie 18 catamarans for adult sail training and boat rental in Avon on Hatteras Island, NC. If you are on vacation in Avon on Hatteras Island and know how to sail, you can take out the Hobie cats without a skipper under the right weather conditions. Sailing instruction taught by Hatteras Sailing Organization head coach, Jay Phillips.

Sailing in the Pamlico Sound from Avon

Larger Performance Multihull

If you prefer a dryer sail, we can team aboard one of our larger performance charter catamarans, like a Stiletto-27.

Understanding the righting moment and proper handling of a larger performance multihull is an important sailing skill.

Small boat private sailing instruction

Ready to get onto the water and into the fun sport of small boat sailing? We have a 420 and a Flying Scott and can teach on either boat. If you participate in your local community sailing organization and want to level up, private instruction is also available on Optimist class.

Hobie Cat certification

Even if you sailed when you were younger, sailing a high performance catamaran can be a new skill, and a great fun way to get out and get active while you are here on Hatteras Island. Sailing a Hobie cat is athletic and fun. Get out and into the action!

2 – 4 hour experience as needed

  • sail with instructor on board
  • solo test sail
  • get certified for bareboat rental

Intro to Sailing

Never, ever sailed? No problem. Ease into the fun of sailing in a safe and enjoyable way with patient and kind instructors. Sailing is a lifetime sport, and now is the best time to learn with our private intro to sailing lesson.

2 hour experience

  • private lesson
  • understand the points of sail
  • 45 minutes hour sailing with instructor

Multihull Mastery

If you are an experienced monohull sailor, you may not realize just how different catamaran sailing can be. Spend time with an experienced catamaran sailor focusing on the differences between handling a performance catamaran and a monohull. Then get out on the water and feel the difference as you “fly” away on a Hobie 18.

2-4 hr experience as needed

  • discussion on the rigging
  • upwind sailing on a cat
  • making it through a tac
  • practice flying a hull safely and under control
  • learn your way to Hobie Card for bareboat rentals

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