Introduction & Safety


The objective of this 6 week program is to introduce juniors to sailing in a fun and safe controlled environment. In general we will use what current boats and assets are available, which include: 27′ Catamaran, 18 Hobie Cat, and some smaller boats private boats lent to us by their owners. The program is scheduled for 6 weeks Saturday mornings because it is a time when many parents are working to turn over Rental Properties and may need an activity for their children.

Anyone who can not afford the $35 fee should contact me directly, as we do not want to exclude anyone for economic hardship reasons. There is only room for 6 and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. If there is more demand, additional practices may be possible. In the case of inclement or unsafe weather, we will meet at my boat shop in Avon.

COVID 19 Mitigation

Because there is a Pandemic we will do our best to keep the children properly distanced. Being an outdoor activity and in the water sometimes, we feel that the risk is very low for transmission of the virus. All parents will need to sign paperwork attesting to their intention to keep any sick kids home from practices and to notify us immediately if there are any signs of illness of any kind. Masks are optional, but common sense would dictate that they do not work so well when in the water. If any children act in an unsafe manner they will unfortunately not be able to continue in the program.

Safety and Safe Behavior on a Boat

  • Wearing a Lifevest or PFD. What are the different types of PFDs
  • Rough Play and Wild Behavior is not permitted and is unsafe on the boat
  • Communicating so you can be heard – and acknowledging you understand
  • Safe and Unsafe places to sit on the boat. Windward and Leeward. Port and Starboard

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